About Maui Komei Juku

Instruction at Maui Komei Juku is led by Robert Montgomery Sensei, 6th Dan.  Montgomery Sensei continues to study directly under Sekiguchi Komei, 21st Grandmaster - Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaijutsu, Tokyo, Japan.

Equipment required for training:

Dogi - (karate or judo top is acceptable for beginning students)
Hakama - (pants)
Obi - (3"x144" long belt)
Knee Pads - (volleyball style recommended)
Bokken - (wooden sword with scabbard)
Iaito (replica sword)

Help will be provided to find a source for quality equipment for training.  Please stop by the dojo or contact Montgomery Sensei for more information

Dues are $35 per month.  The first two classes are free.  The best way to determine if Iaijutsu is right for you is to come down and train a couple of times.  If you then decide you are ready for the commitment, we will help you acquire quality training gear.

Photo by Guy Junker - www.IronTsuba.com