Bushido Tshirt

Show your samurai style with this silk screened 'Bushido' t-shirt!

An original design by Guy Junker, this soft cotton tee features a samurai helmet (Kabuto) with mask (Mempo) and the calligraphy of 'Bushido' roughly translates to the 'Code of the Samurai'. With Father's Day around the corner (June 21st), this shirt makes the perfect gift! Proceeds from the sale of this shirt benefit Komei Juku Maui and will help bring Sekiguchi Sensei back to Maui in September. Thank you for supporting us!

Bushido Tshirt - Maui Matsuri

Limited Sizes Left!

  BUSHIDO TSHIRT - 100% Cotton

Bushido Tshirt - Maui Matsuri
Maui Matsuri 2009 Fundraiser